The Business Challenge

For a company that is focused on developing new pharmaceutical therapies, innovation across all aspects of their business is vital if they hope to achieve their goal of transforming the lives of people living with serious medical conditions.

For this innovative drug company their key objective was simple; to move their business forward. To do so, they needed a Content Management System (CMS) that would allow them to effectively communicate about their therapies and provide much-needed advice to people suffering with these medical conditions. Due to the nature of the pharmaceutical industry, it was vital that the CMS was secure, responsive and intuitive, while also acting as an integrated content hub where customers could easily access all the essential information from multiple digital channels.

How We Solved The Problem

With a sound understanding of the client’s business in place, we quickly developed a strategic roadmap, laying out exactly how we could effectively move the needle in their business. At the core of this strategy was deploying and managing their digital migration away from a legacy CMS system to Contentful.

The ease and simplicity of the system interface meant that editors could safely manage digital content and instantly deploy changes, allowing them to be more responsive to their customer needs. Using Contentful, effectively increased the system’s scope and capabilities when it comes to author roles and permissions. This not only translates into a more distributed workload for content management updates, but a faster QA turnaround time for our client too. As part of our CMS integration, we also ensured that the frontend and server-side architectures were revamped to reduce interdependence and support modular states.

The Impact

Moving to this innovative solution meant that our client could now benefit from a simple interface that allowed them to pull content from multiple channels, greatly reducing the time to market and associated costs.

Transitioning to a headless CMS system meant that the pitfalls often associated with nested component data were avoided. The streamlined approach to duplicate content, templated components and the overall user experience, was successful in creating an easy-to-use and client-centric solution.

In addition, our system-wide focus on modularity had a tremendous impact on feature development and QA turnaround times. The centralized process effectively reduced the number of ‘touch points’ for any given component, allowing QA updates to be done quickly and efficiently.

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