Streamline Video Publishing Workflows

Add/edit/manage videos, playlists and players directly within AEM's Authoring interface

The integration streamlines video publishing workflows for organizations who have been using Video Cloud and AEM concurrently. This is particularly evident in instances where there is a division of labor between the person or team responsible for uploading content to Video Cloud, setting business rules and creating players, and the person or team responsible for editing and publishing webpages via AEM. Both parties can now manage video content smoothly amongst themselves in the common AEM setting.

Brightcove Video Connect for AEM supports Adobe Exeperience Manager version 5.4 through 6.2

*Integration services starts at $2000 - contact for more info

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About The Connector

Core Functionality

  • Leverage Brightcove Studio experience within the AEM Author instance
  • Select video asset or playlist within component or from AEM asset library
  • Drag and drop Brightcove player or playlist component to add video content
  • Define player from with the component
  • Define video alignment within webpage
  • Resize video on the fly (for non-responsive usage)
  • Full Brightcove API access using included OSGI bundle
  • Supports Google Analytics, Event Tracking (Start, Stop, Play, Pause)
  • Ability to search Brightcove catalog for videos
  • Search provides auto complete
  • HTML5 video player support (in additional to Smart Player API)
  • Responsive video player

What's New In Version 4

  • Integrate Brightcove HTML5 Playlist Support*
  • Add Account ID Alias to component dropdowns*
  • Cleanup All Player Components*
  • Support for multiple Brightcove accounts
  • Dynamic Ingest support
  • Drag and drop Brightcove player and video asset
  • Accesss control over Brightcove account by AEM user group
  • Enhanced search capabilities
  • Manage available video players within the Author instance
  • Maven integration
  • Internet Explorer 11 support
  • Multiple bug fixes and code cleanse

*New in 4.1 release

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