Brightcove Video CQ5 Component

Current Release: Version 2.1 (June 20, 2013)

BrightcoveWhat is Brightcove

The Brightcove Video Cloud is a video hosting and publishing solution. You can use it to deliver professional quality video to all kind of audiences with different devices. It offers highly customizable players, HD streaming, syncing with 3rd party CDNs and with YouTube. It supports for a broad range of mobile devices and HTML5 video.


cq5About the Component

The Brightcove component integrates Brightcove's service into Adobe's CQ5 author instance. You can use it to add Brightcove videos to your content and access the information from the Video Cloud in your site.


Integration Capabilities

componentThe Brightcove component allows a user to:

  • Select Brightcove-based video file or playlist within component or from CQ5 asset library
  • Drag and drop CQ5 BC component wherever you want to add a Brightcove video file
    or playlist (from CQ5 sidekick)
  • Define Brightcove player from with the component
  • Define video alignment within webpage
  • Resize video on the fly within component
  • Download capabilities .PDF


libraryWhat's New

Version 2.0

  • Video manager now available within CQ5 Author instance
  • Full Brightcove API access using included OSGI bundle
  • Videos served via Brightcove Smart Player API
  • If site uses Google Analytics, Event Tracking (Start, Stop, Play, Pause) is automatically reported
  • CQ5 Sidekick & DAM now includes individual videos as well as playlist
  • Ability to search for videos
  • Search provides auto complete
  • FIXES: support for Brightcove accounts that exceeds thousand of videos

Version 2.1

  • Support for 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 & 6.0
  • Centralized configuration for the default values
  • Enhanced search functionality
  • Bug fixes
  • Web services





Installing the module is quite straightforward, just follow the steps on the
Brightcove installation guide.


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